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About us

Founded in 1969, Eurobitume is a central, unified voice for bitumen producers and marketers across Europe.

We work widely across Europe with our members, national and European authorities, governments, and regulatory bodies to implement projects, establish industry guidelines and best practices, create effective testing procedures, critical safety standards, and more. 

Our work is driven by our members’ and industry needs. We aim to be the reference point for bitumen for anybody that needs more information – whether a knowledgeable industry expert, a student conducting research, a policymaker looking for specific proof points, or anyone in between. We strive to achieve education and knowledge sharing, research and development, and wider promotion of bitumen and associated information.

We also partner with a wide variety of organisations in five different categories: refining and chemicals, research, bitumen, asphalt and contracting, HSE and technical regulations, and road related. It is these collaborations that enable us to develop industry benchmarks. 

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it will be critical to keep in mind the materials that enable us to achieve our aspirations. To us it’s clear: bitumen will play a key role. Eurobitume will be here for our members and the industry to facilitate that transition. 


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Bitumen is one of the best construction materials that can directly offer help towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9.

Knowledge hub

Education and training

We aim to provide a platform to share and encourage best practices, as well as educate and promote the efficient use of refined bitumen.

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We offer a range of publications with information for anyone involved in the transport and handling of bituminous products.

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