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Eurobitume Head Office

Boulevard du Souverain 165 B-1160 Brussels Belgium

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Dr Brice Delaporte

Sustainability Lead 

T: +33 6 42 39 08 16


Dr Ian Lancaster  

Technical Lead

Focal person for Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, United Kingdom

T: +33 6 42 39 08 16

Jean-Michel Michou 

General Manager 

Focal person for France 

T: +33 1 55 68 11 26


Dr Anja Sörensen

HSE Lead 

Focal person for Germany, Switzerland 

T: +49 171 991 98 90



What is bitumen

An unsung hero of our modern world, bitumen is an integral part of the society we live in today – as well as the one we aspire towards in the future.

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We offer a range of publications with information for anyone involved in the transport and handling of bituminous products.

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Education and training

We aim to provide a platform to share and encourage best practices, as well as educate and promote the efficient use of refined bitumen.

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