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An unsung hero of our modern world, bitumen is an integral part of the society we live in today – as well as the one we aspire towards in the future. It is one of the most fundamental construction materials in modern society and has a wide range of uses and applications, with more being discovered every year.  

A crucial component of the asphalt we use to build roads, which offer important connections for keeping societies and businesses mobile across vast distances. It’s also used to create flexible, water-repellent, membranes that go into roofs or other building structures as well as many different and diversified industrial uses. The reality is that bitumen is a widely versatile material that forms one of the key materials for building and maintaining the infrastructure we live in. 

The bitumen we use in our roads and buildings is refined from carefully selected crude oils. A variety of different production methods produce different kinds of bitumen and allow the manufacturer to produce specific characteristics in the bitumen. Flexible to work with and safe to use, durable and hard-wearing, easy to maintain and 100% reusable, bitumen is the perfect choice for forward-thinking construction and infrastructure projects. 

Without bitumen our world would be a very different place. Our infrastructure has been successfully developed using end applications of bitumen offering mobility and connectivity to our lives that we strive to continue. 


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Bitumen is one of the best construction materials that can directly offer help towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9.

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